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    Gammer Beer


    Premium beer in the heart of Saigon

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    Gammer Beer

    Premium beer in the heart of Saigon

    As the beginning of the legendary World famous beer … .the land from the Czech Republic in Praha. With the immense fields of barley, hops cones from Plzen beautiful region to create exquisite yeast.

    And all of this is not only legendary from distant lands Praha. With these ingredients are barley and yeast quality imported from the Czech Republic and the system technically advanced machinery from Europe by the World’s leading experts use. Welcome everyone to the house of our dear.

    “Gammer Beer – 107 pasteur. Located in the heart of bustling Saigon and full of excitement. Wear full breath modern but equally distinct.

    With the standard equipment with the enthusiasm of brewing experts have many years of experience in the Czech Republic, by learning and they rise back and make a bold taste of fresh beer Asia East and as he set foot in the main lobby, we will immediately see two very large beer barrels impressive. In through the process of brewing experts will always be checked regularly to assess how the quality of the beer. .

    And 2 specialty extremely valuable brand Gammer made during the past: the iridescent golden beer, dark beer, the fanciful. Every drop of beer is poured directly into the cup did not vibrate at the most demanding customers. Enclosed with bold flavors in this beer are dishes with bold color and black and 1 bit of Asia, a bit full of passionate Europe contributed to the perfect party and more meaningful. First to mention dishes: fried salt pork to taste great color comes with modern smoked sausage, corn beef salad 107, rib roast key staff or cheese fries taste for modern hybrid rai weekend.

    And look around Gammer Beer restaurant, we will see 4 floors with space for up to 1000 guests, furniture from tables, chairs, stairs are made from warm wood tones make major depression, 1 and press and release some more pictures of Prague classical roots combined with the slightly equipment European elegance and exquisite make all harmony and striking than ever.

    Especially on weekends, the restaurant also has Gammer beer dance programs from many different countries and the “lucky draw” with lots of attractive gifts donated to the customer.

    All only in “Gammer Beer” 107 pasteur.

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    Address: 107 Pasteur – Ben Nghe Ward – District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City.
    Tel: [84-8] 3-824-8619 / Fax: [84-8] 3-824-8618
    Hotline: 090 26 26 107 – 090 29 29 107
    Email: 107pasteur@biatuoitiepvn.com
    Website: www.biatuoitiepvn.com

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    Morning 6:00 – 11:00 Evening
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